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  • Admission Enquiry
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Interior / Exterior Infrastructure Support

  • Classrooms designed to conform with International standards for preschool education
  • Self-explanatory design manual document ( e.g. Wall ceiling
  • furniture
  • floor
  • etc. ) Manual contains the following :Paint Codes & Designs
  • Complete guidance on furniture/ fixtures.
  • Do’s and Don’ts to prevent unpleasant preschool experience.
  • Note : Above Cost Includes full Setup material (Furniture
  • Play equipment’s
  • All teaching aid material)
  • marketing material
  • Franchise fees of Bubbles N Colors
  • Training fees and taxes.

Business and Staff Training

  • Our business and staff training will take the form of
  • Recruiting qualified staff for positions created and impacting Leadership skills in them.
  • Getting parents Inquiries and encouraging them to visits our location.
  • Ensuring Inquiries are converted into Admissions.
  • Setting reasonable and affordable pricing/Fee for more admissions.
  • Researching into activities that can increase profitability like Day care or evening classes.
  • Managing Day to Day Operations.
  • Provision of how to keep our records and oversee profitability.
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Staff Training Support Includes

  • Our business and staff training will take the form of
  • Organizing on – the – job training for staff.
  • Training staff on Parent/ staff relationship.

Staff and Kids Relationship

  • Our business and staff training will take the form of
  • Staff to be trained to understand behaviors to expect from preschoolers.
  • Teachers to understand and be given a detailed Curriculum Training.
  • Proper organization of special events.
  • Organizing Parent Teacher Meeting and Annual day.
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Marketing and Advertising Support

  • Marketing Training will Include :
  • How to market our business with ultra-low cost techniques.
  • Free listing on social media etc.
  • Where to market (our potential parents Catchment Areas).
  • Viability of Marketing for optimum results.
  • Assessing the Impact for each marketing campaign.

Using Social Media and Technology to Our Advantage

  • We mapped out a well design marketing campaign for each branch.
  • We make use of customized Prelaunch and Launch campaigns.
  • Advertising
  • promotional and marketing material
  • including prospectuses
  • brochures
  • newspaper advertisements
  • mailers
  • leaflets
  • banners
  • cable advertising etc are prepared by professionals.
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Real Time Operational Intelligence

  • Continuous updates on Curriculum & Activities.
  • Continuous Manpower training.
  • Continuous and dynamic industry updates.
  • Essential tips on Competitive Strategy Development on regular basis.
  • Important tips for improving day-to-day working.
  • Tips on how to manage business on a vacation or remotely.
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The only preschool in INDIA, which will ensure that you are able to run four businesses at the same location to have the best returns on your investme

  • Preschool.
  • Coaching center.
  • Day center.
  • Skill development.