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Happy Kid

Our business is a place where families and children feel like it's they're home. We specialize in child growth, and learning.

Ideal Learning

A Best playschool should have welcoming and friendly atmosphere and be known for its nurturing environment and stimulating curriculum

Right to Childhood

Our experts in child protection endeavour each day to make the life of children more and more joyful.

Learning is Play

Learning through play is a term used in education and psychology to describe how a child can learn to make sense of the world around them.

Vision And Mission

The Vision is to make Bubbles ‘n colors a homely place where kids love to spend their time and imbibe the love of learning through various activities and this vision is our mission. We understand that learning is a process which takes place when kids feel secured and safe. Our Mantra is ‘Happy kid, ideal learning.’ Every child is an individual with rights not just needs, making him/her empowered child, thus exemplifying our motto ‘’Protecting the Rights to childhood.’’ ‘Bubbles ’N colours playschool - Is a unique research based endeavour of some of the most acclaimed, active and responsible academicians from the globe. It brings together leading experts from the field of early-childhood education. These experts have contributed their lifetime-learning into The ‘Bubbles ’N colours playschool platform. The ‘Bubbles ’N colours playschool focus to touch every little kid by touching their parents, instructor and preschool. Our vision is to make this place better than before by ensuring that every kid, every parent and every preschool deserves the best. Children learn if they are given plenty of opportunities for play and self- expression through any medium be it drawing, play dough, box, puppet the list is endless. Here ‘Play is Learning and Learning is play.’

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